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Please read information below litter info about our breeding program, litter types etc.


We have an amazing sporting litter on the ground. These pups have been bred using frozen semen from the USA. Their sire Double V Newt is a fabulous herding dog, cool guy and alround talented dog. Their mum Rozate Brewed By Moonlite is a very sweet, beautiful and athletic girl.
The pups are mostly black bicolours - we have a few boys available and one girl.
These pups will suit active homes who want a fabulous performance prospect, fitness companion, work mate or best mate.



Rozate Australian Shepherds has been involved in Aussies since 1994 and have been breeding since 2000. We import from the US to improve genetics and performance.
While we have a fantastic reputation for producing dogs who are trainable and easy to title we also have generations of dogs bringing love and smiles to families all over Australia. Some have owned our Aussies since our first litter and continue to keep one of our Aussies as part of their family.

we are awaiting Autumn 2018 litter

contact Kate - to express interest and find out more about these pups or litter plans.

See below picture for more information

L-R 'Gucci', 'Stella'  and 'Drifter' 

Why do you breed?
We breed to improve our lines and have young animals to show and trial. As litters routinely have between 6 and 8 pups there will be puppies available for sale from time to time.

We just want a pet puppy not a performance or show dog. Do you sell pets?
Most of our pups are sold to loving pet homes. We believe these homes offer outsanding lives for our dogs and they appreciate it. We enjoy keeping in touch with your dog as he grows and love seeing photos.

Do you sell Aussies as performance dogs?
We are thrilled to sell suitable pups to obedience, agility and herding homes as our dogs enjoy being in a partnership with their owner. Our aim is to breed a versatile Australian Shepherd - one that looks like an Aussie, is friendly and trainable and can do any dog sport their owner desires.

Do you sell Aussies as show/breeding dogs?
We do sell to serious show and breeding homes but like to work in a mentoring partnership to help people new to the breed find out the ins and outs of this fabulous breed. If you are not interested in a mentoring friendship then please find another breeder.

What do your puppies come with and how do you pick?
All puppies are vaccinated, microchipped, opthalmologist tested and registered. They are assessed against the breed standard at 8 weeks and are matched to their new homes at this stage. Occasionally we will have pups available prior to this if they have markings or colouration that is not acceptable under the standard.

Do you have a waiting list?
We encourage people to contact us and discuss their interest in the breed and needs in a new dog. We usually have a lot of interest in our pups so it is worth getting in touch if you are interested in an Aussie from our lines. We no longer have waiting lists - instead asking prospective owners to keep in touch when pups are due so that we can discuss what is born.

What do you mean about show, versatility and working litters?
The Australian Shepherd in Australia is mostly based on show lines imported from the USA. There is quite a difference between show and working (stock dog) lines in America. The show lines are hairier, often heavier boned, less active, less reactive and often have lower energy levels. Working lines tend to be based on successful stock dogs, who are active, intelligent, courageous, tenacious and tending to be more focused on their owner/handler. These are of course generalisations and some working line dogs are very laid back and lazy and some show line dogs have  high drive and activity level. We are looking to blend the different lines to achieve our perfect dog. In this process we will have some litters that are show only, some that are working only and some that combine or blend the two sides and we refer to these as our versatility litters. Working and versatility litters will suit people who are looking for an Aussie to be an active member of their family - to go jogging with, to run beside a bike, to compete in dog sports etc. They are less likely to suit life in inner suburbia with an owner working long hours and with little time to spend with them.  

Contact Kate to enquire about any puppy or adult listed below - 5659 6418 (after hours and weekends) or via email